Everyone knows that the best way to prevent the release of harmful salts is to plant trees on a dry seabed using salt seedlings and saxaul plantations.

Currently, great changes are taking place in the creation of forests on the dry bottom of the Aral Sea, in the work of which thousands of our compatriots are involved. Today, the view of not only the state, but also the entire international community is focused on the creative work carried out in the Aral Sea region. Because the ongoing work today will determine tomorrow’s sustainable future for the region.

Active students of Karakalpak State University also participate in tree planting on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea under the motto ” Environmental protection is the duty of every person.”

Initially, the territory was completely prepared for planting seedlings, and the ditches were planted with decorative trees adapted to the local climate.

The event continues …

Otabek Rakhimbaev
KSU student.


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