On 13th September, 2019 O.Rakhimbaev, a third year student of the faculty  was  elected as the leader of The Elementary Organization of The  Youth Union , which holds lots of meetings ,sport and intellectual competitions  in order to:

  • bring the youth up in patriotic courage, shape the patriotic courage in youth’s mind
  • help them manage their time
  • provide healthcare and lead healthy life style
  • prevent bad habits .


As examples of such kind of events  could be the actions under the mottos, like “We are for the healthy lifestyle”, “ Sport is a guarantee of healthy life”, “ Environment protection”, where participated nearly 700 students of the faculty. While on the present action students do sport like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis.

There are 35 academic groups in the faculty. Each of them has 1 leader ,who becomes a member of The Elementary Organization of The YU and who should be active  in all events hold by the faculty. O.Rakhimbaev, O.Yuldashev are the ones of  leaders who got The  Elementary Organization of The YU diploma and precious prizes for active participation in the life of the faculty